Customer Stories

"Peace of mind"

It has got harder and harder to manage on just the pension.  I haven’t been able to clear my credit cards, pay a lawyer, or pay my family money I owed them. Now I can afford to have a gardener to smarten up my garden. I can also have some house maintenance done. I have had my washer and television for 27 and 25 years, so if they fail I can afford to replace them.

This has given me the freedom to do so many things.  In fact it has given me ‘peace of mind’.

"Little luxuries"

My husband and I have done nothing dramatic with the money – no world trip, no new car, no new hip joints – just freedom from worry about making ends meet, paying the rates and unexpected bills, and enjoying little treats without feeling guilty.

The one luxury we have indulged in is installing central heating throughout the house, and never was a dollar better spent!


We would like to say how happy we are with our loan, and how helpful this has been to us.  It enabled us to visit family in Wanaka during the year and also to spend two weeks in Fiji in September.

Since returning from Fiji I have not been very well.  Because there is such a long waiting list for health services in New Zealand, we have been fortunate enough to get an appointment with a specialist in Sydney next week.

None of these things would have been possible without the loan, so we want to thank you for the opportunity to do these things.

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These quotes are taken from letters written by Heartland and Sentinel customers about what a reverse mortgage has meant for them.  Heartland purchased Sentinel in April 2014.

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