Debt Consolidation

Using a Reverse Mortgage to pay off debt

No one wants to spend their retirement years worrying about high interest debt. These days aged pensioners and self-funded retirees are finding it more difficult to sustain a dignified life on limited income.

Heartland Seniors Finance has the solution you need.

One of the common uses for a Reverse Mortgage is for extra ‘income’ to pay for living expenses. If you have home equity, you can access a portion of this wealth to help sustain the lifestyle you want.

Heartland Seniors Finance offers a Reverse Mortgage loan product that will allow you to pay off other debt in a lump sum - without the need for on-going monthly repayments, and with an interest rate that is often much lower than credit cards or personal loans. With a Reverse Mortgage there would be no more worries about finding the money for your next loan repayment, giving you peace of mind and allow you to enjoy life again!

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