Travel & Holidays

Using a Heartland Seniors Finance Reverse Mortgage for a holiday

After years of hard work you now have time to do what you want and for many seniors holidays in New Zealand and overseas are at the top of their list. Whether you dream of a cruise, visiting your family interstate or overseas, or finally taking that tour through Europe with friends there is now nothing to hold you back. Except money.

Whether you are living on a government pension or are a self-funded retiree, finding the spare cash for holidays can be difficult. Many seniors miss out on the travel they deserve, while those who do manage to get away finance trips through their savings, personal loans, or credit cards with high interest-rates.

Travel or visit your relatives with a Heartland Reverse Mortgage

Heartland Seniors Finance could have the solution you need.

Heartland Seniors Finance offers a Reverse Mortgage loan that could be used to fund your next holiday. With an interest rate usually much lower than credit cards or personal loans, and the ability to make repayments if and when you choose, a Heartland Reverse Mortgage can provide you with a cost effective and flexible alternative. So you could be packing your bags before you know it!

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